ACI Housebill Freight Forwarder eManifest


ACI eManfiest

ACI eManifest is part three of CBSA's Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) program. Requirement for ACI highway are similar to that of the ACE Truck program that has been in place for many years. Easy Manifest has designed an integrated portal to allow the user to submit both ACE and ACI eManifests in the same interface with a single login. This allows the user to share template information such as truck, crew (future requirement) and party information. The highway portion of ACI eManifest is currently in an "informed compliance" phase. While carriers will not be denied entry into Canada, it is recommended that they begin submission of eManifest ASAP as they are expecting to mandate them within the next few months. For more information consult the CBSA eManifest information page for more details.