Fax/eMail-to-eManifest Service

Easy Manifest offers an around-the-clock affordable Fax/eMail-to-eManifest service, allowing you to send in your eManifest forms by fax or eMail to our eManifest processing office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experts will input your eManifest into our system and submit it to the appropriate border agency within the hour. Upon approval, you will be notified via eMail, fax or text message of the status of your trip and shipments. If requested, we will eMail or fax a cover sheet with a barcode for your driver to use when crossing the border.


Easy Manifest offers simple pricing for our Fax/eMail-to-eManifest service

$8.99 per Trip with one Shipment
$4.99 per extra Shipments (multiple PARS/PAPS numbers)
Special pricing available for high volume clients (Call)
$4.99 extra per trip for after hours service (20:00-08:00 ET Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday)
All pricing in US Dollars

No setup fees and no monthly minimum

Get Started

To sign up, fill out our Registration Form and select Fax / eMail to eManifest Service. One of our agents will be in touch with you shortly.

ACE and ACI Fax eManifest forms

Download, fill out these forms and then fax them to 1-888-993-9627 or eMail them to

Canada eManifest ACI eManifest Fax Form (Going into Canada) - Examples: Regular Trip, Empty Trip

United States eManifest ACE eManifest Fax Form (Going into USA) - Example: Regular Trip

Tip: To download a form, right click on the link and select "Save target as..." or "Save link as..."