What is PARS?

The Pre-arrival Review System (PARS) allows importers and brokers to submit release on minimum documentation (RMD) information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for review and processing before their goods arrive in Canada. This speeds up the release or referral for examination process when the goods arrive in Canada.

HowDoes PARS Work?

When the shipment arrives at a border point of entry, the CBSA will release it within minutes unless an examination or further processing is required to meet another government department's regulation.

Importers using PARS must attach a bar-coded label to a bill of lading or commercial invoice. The label is encoded with the word PARS, an alphanumeric CBSA-assigned carrier code registered to the importing shipper, and a sequential number. The bar-coded label is scanned at the point of entry by the CBSA. If the shipment has been pre-approved, it is released for entry into Canada. If the shipment is not approved, or requires further inspection by a government agency, the shipment is not released.

For more information please see the cbsa web site.