Meaningful partnerships to help serve our clients

Easy Manifest works with industry-leading technology providers to develop and deliver advanced eManifest management solutions. These integrated systems play a critical role in improving reliability, onboard notifications, risk management, security and operational efficiency. They are designed to ensure high performance in even the most demanding environments.

Canada Border Services Agency

The Canadian Border Services Agency recognizes Easy Manifest as a certified ACI eManifest service provider. The consolidated approach for tracking all ACI requirements in a single comprehensive, account-based view allows Easy Manifest’s users to submit eManifest data with confidence. The Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program , is about getting the right information at the right time to enhance the ability of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to identify potential threats to Canada, while facilitating the movement of low-risk shipments across the border.

U.S. Customs Border Protection

The CBP ACE program has approved Easy Manifest to submit electronic data for the transmission of required electronic cargo information. The Easy Manifest web service helps create a secure and streamlined environment for processing and releasing cargo at the land borders. The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) commercial trade processing system was designed to automate border processing and enhance border security allowing CBP to pre-screen the crew, conveyance, equipment and shipment information before the truck arrives at the border.

Amazon Web Services

Easy Manifest Inc. partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of their ability to scale resources to meet dramatic activity spikes. During periods of high-volume, Easy Manifest has the ability to process thousands of eManifest submissions simply by calling up more Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instances. AWS allows for significant flexibility and capability that ensures stability to our clients.


As a service provider that deals with business-critical and confidential information for our clients, Easy Manifest recognizes the importance of using enterprise-level protection for their data. Using RapidSSL's cutting-edge 256-bit S HA1 and RSA encryption methods, Easy Manifest and their clients are able to conduct business-as-usual without worrying about security threats or data interception.


Easy Manifest Inc. and PeopleNet have integrated to provide comprehensive eManifest notifications to in-cab mobile communication devices across North America. With the ability to receive real-time eManifest updates, trucking companies now have access to an automated environment that streamlines workflow, driver efficiency and operations.

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